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Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Restorations in Miami - Zirconia, Porcelain, Captek® & More

Restoring a smile impacted by decay or other dental health concerns is a central service of dentistry. Among a variety of restorative treatment options, dental crown placement is one of the more common restorative procedures. Dr. Juan Carlos Flores provides dental crowns, among other restorations, to patients in Coral Gables, Doral, Westchester, and the surrounding Miami communities.

The Purpose of Crowns

Healthy teeth can be compromised in a variety of ways and differing degrees of severity. For instance, decay may cause structural damage, leaving teeth unable to survive in the smile. Alternatively, facial trauma may leave chipped, cracked, or eroded dentition, increasing the risk for decay or tooth pulp infection.

Crowns help restore and protect your smile as well as provide it with additional support against routine wear, such as the stresses of chewing. Due to their ability to bolster dental stability, crown placement is also considered necessary as a final step in root canal therapy.

Your Choice of Crowns

There are different types of material from which your dental crown can be made. Our Miami dentist will work with you to decide on a material that provides cosmetic benefits while also addressing your oral health circumstances.

Porcelain, by itself or fused to gold, can be used to create a crown that is aesthetically similar to a natural, healthy tooth., For a strong restoration that still provides some cosmetic benefits, Dr. Flores may recommend a Captek® porcelain-fused-to-gold crown. Zirconia crowns, often called white metal crowns, provide a compromise between the beauty of porcelain and the strength of metal, resembling natural dentition while also withstanding typical function.

Receiving Your New Crown

First, during the appointment when a crown is deemed necessary, our Miami dentist creates a blueprint of the crown you need. He then ships the blueprint to a dental laboratory; dental laboratories are run by specialists in the fabrication of dental restorations. The lab technicians then work to create a crown which best fits the appearance, feel, and health of your smile. The entire process takes about two weeks. At the end of this process, Dr. Flores will place the crown onto the tooth, restoring it to full health and function.

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Dr. Juan Carlos Flores provides porcelain, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns in Miami, and serves the local communities of Coral Gables, Westchester, and Doral. For more information, call our practice today!


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