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Dental Implants

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Despite the efforts of doctors and patients, there may be cases where a tooth is lost or has experienced too much decay to be saved. In situations like these, Juan Carlos Flores, DMD can offer functional, beautiful replacement teeth to restore your smile. Dr. Juan Carlos Flores provides dental implants to the people of Coral Gables, Westchester, Doral, and the surrounding Miami communities.

Placing Your New Teeth

The first step in receiving your new smile is the placement of the dental implant post. This titanium screw serves as the artificial tooth root to the dental implant, which gives the new tooth a level of strength and durability similar to natural teeth.

When you undergo dental implant placement, our Miami dentist first examines the site where the implant will be placed. Using x-rays, CAT scans, and 3D imaging software, Dr. Carlos can preplan the surgical placement with a great degree of accuracy. The implant post is then placed into the bone of the jaw and left to integrate into the bone over the course of a healing period. Titanium has the unique property of fusing to bone matter; this means that the artificial tooth root is made inseparable from and fully supported by the jawbone. Once this process of osseointegration is complete, Dr. Flores can then add the dental implant restoration.

Adding the Dental Implant Restoration

The dental implant restoration is the visible portion of the implant, and adding the restoration to the implant posts is the final step of receiving dental implants.

These restorations can take several forms, depending upon your smile restoration needs: dental crowns, fixed bridges, and full or partial dentures. Crowns are fitted to individual implant posts. Our Miami dentist uses crowns to replace singular missing teeth. Fixed bridges can restore two or more missing teeth and usually require between two to six implants, depending upon how many teeth the bridge would replace. Dentures are used to replace several missing teeth within the smile, including a full arches. While these restorations seem similar to their traditional counterparts, implant-supported fixed bridges and partial dentures do not rely on the remaining natural teeth for support.

These restorations are often made of dental porcelain in order to make the dental implants you receive strong and natural in appearance. Porcelain is able to withstand the pressure of chewing on a daily basis, so the material assists the implants in functioning like regular teeth. Additionally, porcelain closely mimics the color, texture, and luminosity of natural teeth, preserving the beauty of your smile.

Call Dr. Flores for Dental Implants

Dr. Juan Carlos Flores helps the communities of Miami, including Coral Gables, Westchester, and Doral, preserve their smiles through the use of dental implants. For more information on these cosmetic dental restorations, call our practice today!


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